HSM - "Urban COPper" various AP


I just noticed today that Hunting Shack Munitions is offering a line of interesting penetrator bullets for .223, .338, and .50 which have various urban law enforcement roles in mind. One is a plastic tip solid copper projectile for penetrating glass, and they have other exposed steel tips and solid brass bullets:

You have to have law enforcement access through an approved account to see the fine details though. It would be interesting to know more about these.


IGF, tha same factory that make the italian versions of the THV bullets, also makes monolithic bullets from lathe turned brass or copper rods for long range shooting that are very similar to the one in the last picture.

There is also an experimental very long and pointed .338" bullet made from solid copper designed for the same purposes


The .223 ‘glass penetrator’ and ‘CQE’ bullets pictured were offered a few years ago by another company but I can’t recall the name.

I remember their ad copy talking about the similarities between a carbide window punch and the bullet, and a possible intended use of skyscraper-to-skyscraper countersniper engagements.