Hstp ASTRID on Flobert ctge

Do you know for which customer is this Flobert ?


Hi JP.

Sadly, another that I don’t have an answer for you. I have seen this in 2 collections but don’t have one in my collection sadly. Great to know who made it though.


hello Will,
In which language could be the word "Astrid " ??

Astrid is a scandinavian girls name, so maybe Norway, Sweden, Denmark ?

It is also my name (Doc “A” V) but it was a girl’s (Princess’s ) name in Belgium and Holland…usually used in Norway ( the author of “Pippi Longstockings”) and Brazilian singer Astrid Gilberto.

Why a male (Me) copped this girl’s name…my father had admiration for Princess Astrid of Belgium (1948)…why, I never could get out of him, and now never will. (d.2013)…I still get addressed in (usually gov’t) Mail as “Miss”, “Ms,” or even “Mrs.”…I return such mail as “Unknown at this address”.

Basic Meaning is “Star” (as in celestial star) in the old Nordic Languages.

Doc AV
Down Under.