Huge WWI bullet! Need to ID--please help!


Can anyone help me identify this? It was brought back as a war souvenir (WWI)? This iron bullet appears to be 75 mm in diameter, weighs about 14 lbs. What is it and what is it worth? Do I need to worry about it exploding?



Can you take a picture of the bottom of the projectile (shell) & post here?



Sure, the bottom is flat. See picture.


Looks like this bullet has been fired. You can see the rifling grooves on the driving band.



From your photos, in particular the base of the projectile, for WW1 vintage U.S. shells, there is no obvious base fuze well (base fuze) as used with high explosive projectiles. In addition there is no tracer well for a threaded tracer element as used in target practice projectiles. Here are 2 period diagrams showing typical construction of projectiles used by the Army and Navy.

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will see this and chime in.



Thank you so much for the great info, Brian! Yes, your observations are correct–there is no fuse or tracer well. I was told this might be a practice artillery round fired from a tank?–just solid iron with no explosives. Also, that it is likely WWII or post WWII? There is a number “38” stamped on the side–perhaps the year 1938? If anybody can find more information–please share!–and thanks again.