Hugo Schneider A.G

Hello to everyone
The documents that, until now, I have was able to study it comes to a production of Hugo Schneider A.G. from Bologna should have been moved into the tunnels of the Val Sarentino-Sarntal (Sarntal Strasse) in the far north of Italy between 1944 and early months of 1945.
I can imagine that when we speak of “Bologna” in reality it is intended the “Pirotecnico di Bologna” that after September 8, 1943 to work under German occupation probably with the headstamp “qrb” but this headstamp may be referred a subsidiary plant which produced very few specimens in 1944 and even less in 1945 (only 9 mm Para and prototypes of the 7.92 kurz).
I wanted to ask if you have information related to the “qrb” or the mysterious factory Hugo Schneider AG in Sarntal Strasse" and that headstamp she had
thank you

In 2001 a book was published on the history of the location where HASAG had existed in Leipzig. There is a chapter on locations in occupied Poland. In this chapter it is also mentioned that in early 1945 it was attempted to erect a factory at Bozen (Bolzano) but that nothing was achieved. Apart from that, some cooperation must have existed from 1941 to early 1944 with the Italian company Innocenti at Milano and Rome. But again, no details are known.