Hungarian 14.5x114 Dummy crate


Is anyone interested in photos of a crate which contained Hungarian 14.5x114 Dummies?

I saw the dummies for sale recently. I bought one and took some photos of the crate. The crate was marked “GYAKORLÓ” (practice), among other markings.

I can post some photos of the crate (and dummy) if anyone is interested.

The dummies were nickel plated brass (non-magnetic) with the same plating on steel jacketed projectiles. The headstamp is 25 over 71. They had three holes in the cases.


I would be interested


Sure, the images would be great!


YES !!


Here are the photos. The lid had “25” sprayed in two places with no other markings.

I will post a better photo of the individual cartridge soon.


Thanks for the images Falcon!

The crate holds the unusual qty. of 100 EA instead the usual 80 EA.
Means the packing without tins was intended.


Falcon, thanks for sharing these pictures. The manufacturer’s code “25” indicates that these dummy cartridges were made by Hajdúsági Iparművek from Téglás. This company still exists:




Fede, thanks a lot for the link! This is a very helpfull source.


Here are the photos of the cartridge. The light wasn’t great, but it’s the best I could get on a typical grey overcast British day.

The bottom hole goes through both sides of the case, as if the drill bit was run through both side walls at once.

I see the company that made the cartridge now manufactures water heaters and other domestic appliances.


Falcon, the company not necessaarily makes it “now” as such companies often make a variety of products including ammunition and ordnance.
This is very often just not advertized at their websites.


Falcon, making cartridges was an exception, since this company has been always dedicated to domestic appliances. Below you can see an ad/calendar contemporary to your cartridge:


Thanks Fede. Where did you find that?


Falcon, when you do a web search on the factory name you will find all sort of old catalogs of them - not on ammo of course.


Washing machines were the covert operation of this firm. It was a general practice here that every ordanance factories had a civilian product line to cover their operation. With the fall of the communist regime most factories stopped ordnance production and the covert products became the main profile.

Tapatalk-kal küldve az én GT-I9305-el


So how does Hajdúsági Iparművek translate into English?

Google translate doesn’t seem to be able to translate it.


It’s something like Industrial Works of Hajdúság

Tapatalk-kal küldve az én GT-I9305-el


Thanks for the reply. I hadn’t realised that Hajdúság was the name of a region of Hungary.