Hungarian 20x105B Solothurn "AH 1939 20mm"

Is this an API-T by Állami Hadianyaggyár? What substance makes it an incendiary?
What is “8”? This item came from a Danbury,CT tank museum called Military Museum of Southern New England. I understand it is closed right now. The museum ending was out of this world My kids spent plenty of time climbing those tanks when they were little. The seller told me he bought all the ammo on sale during closing. I assume a small white sticker with numbers is a museum ID label.

Vlad, it should be designated 20x105B.
This is an APHE-T. I am not sure if it has an additional incendiary effect.

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These are fairly available, many collectors have them without realizing that they likely have a live round. Under Xray you can see a base fuze and explosives cavity in the lower portions of the round. It is a small cavity, excluding the fuze and booster I have seen one document identifying 1.4gm of explosives. For US collectors this is well under the legal cut-off (it is allowed), but still deserves consideration and respect as you decide if you want live explosives included in your collection. See the projectile on the lower left in the page provided.