Hungarian 7.62x51 tungsten carbide AP by MFS

Here the cartridge from MFS with the WC-Core AP-Bullet.
Knews someone the inside construction or has a cut??
Powderweight was 44,3grs Ballpowder and has a bullet weight of 166,4grs (measured from 1 specimen) Bullet-lenght is 31,63-65mm // 1.245"
Base looks similar to the 30-06 APM2 base…

and here the bullet-base:

I wish there was a section! Or extra examples (hint hint). Maybe Paul Smith?

I’ve only heard of this round, never seen one. Was told its called MFS 2000 MM-FS and was a close competition for the AP8/ M993.

Thanks for the measurements and pics.

On Side note, the company MFS was indirectly involved in 2008 with a the bad ammunition deal between the Afghan Army and AEY INC. out of Miami. They had contracted MFS ammo but was sent corroded Chinese ammo instead. MFS was bought out a year later by RUAG AMMOTEC.

RUAG has their own tungsten AP design where the hard core is upfront, much like the Russian 7n1 sniper 7.62x54R and the projectiles base that is lead. Looks like a FMJ roll crimp.

There are also 7.62x39 and 7.62x54R AP types with Tungsten Carbide cores.
I wonder if these were all done at the same time?

RUAG has an own patent on this Special AP-Core design (This specific Core called in german Tropfenform)

Kevin, unfortunatelly this MFS ammo -and all other AP/Tracer/Incendiary/Ranging a.s.o- (even the single -Bullets) are now forbidden in Europe to possess without license By EU-Rulings to fight terrorists… (This EU Bureaucrats gets more and more idiots No one of the Terrorists will ever obeye any law…so what??)
It kills only all collectors (and also Business of all our Industry in the field of building Bulletproof vests, car protection a.s.o.), as they have to obtain licenses to buy and possess such bullets for tests or collection…The federal Police charges big amout of fees for give such licenses away…
If I get a second one, I will cut it…but the possessors asking quit a big amount of money to give some away…
Will try, cuts will be still free, as they are not considered usable bullets…


Here a pic of the 308 RUAG AP core -the form in the leaflet is NOT correct, it is just showing about the form of Fixing the frontcore in the lead in the backside…but theoriginal is different from the drawing…

and than the cut:

Some years late but maybe still of interest, the attached image is supposed to show a section of the MFS2000 MM-FS armor piercing bullet. ff

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Information is never too late.
Do you happen to have the un-cut weight and the projectile length?
And maybe the core diameter too?

Sadly not, only the picture. The base seems to be a good giveaway that it is the projectile in question, but I can’t confirm the measurements Peter took in the first place at 166,4grs and length at 31,63mm / 1.245 inch.

I wondered as your image seems not to have a cimp rim and appears to be seated onto a 7.62x54R or?

Yes, you are right, it seems to be on a x54R judging by the long neck. Would make sense since MFS2000 manufactured 7.62x54R as well and most manufacturers don’t bother developing entirely different AP designs but weight could indeed differ.
Can’t provide detailed pictures, since the pic is everything I got on that topic.
My source isn’t scientific at all, it was posted years ago on another forum by a Warsaw university student who wrote his thesis about penetrator designs. At least it’s what he claimed.
Maybe Peter can provide additional information regarding jacket material. The picture of the sectioned bullet shows a silverish jacket, indicating gmcs.

Ok, means we are back to our usual situ: more questions than data.

That is where I got my info from, Likon from Warsaw. He had contacted me through Ray Mateka about using some of my photo’s. Seems he disappeared right after this posting. Not sure if he ever made it the IAA forum, but was on the CMP forum, here is a copy of the conversation. Pics are all but gone.
Is that a brass cup holding that tungsten penetrator inside the projectile? (Didn’t someone just post a French? round with a brass cup)