Hungarian 7.62x54R ShKAS cartridges


Has anybody info on or specimen of Hungarian 7.62x54R ShKAS cartridges?
A known hs is reportedly “23 S 53” (copper clad steel case).
The hs has the regular layout like with Soviet ones and the “S” is also located at the 9h pos…
Has anybody ever seen a box or tin for these?

Any info, images and documentation would be interesting to study.


Alex, as you surely know, it seems that most examples are found converted into “Typ PN” loadings by VEB Spreewerk Lübben. I’m not aware of any other dates.

I assume that ball loadings must have been made for the ShKAS machine guns mounted in the Ilyushin Il-10 aircraft in service with the Hungarian Air Force between 1949 and 1956.

I hope others have more information.


Fede, yes, there is also a “regular” blank as it seems. It has no crimp seal (color code) and features the well known red primer like on Soviet ShKAS cases.

I wonder if the assumingly only lot was made but for some reason not accepted (QA issue?) and the cases were released (maybe unloaded) for secondary use like blanks or as in the “PN” case sold to the GDR which was not making 7.62x54R.