Hungarian 7.62x54R ShKAS loads

Is there anybody who has specimen of Hungarian made 7.62x54R ShKAS (aircraft gun) loads?

The only hs I know of is:
12h: 23
6h: 53
9h: S (Latin script, supposedly denoting “ShKAS” as Russian ones had the Cyrillic “Ш” in this position)

Are any other headstamps known?
What are the known loads?

The only ones I ever saw were surplus or reworked cases which the GDR used (they did not make the caliber and imported all cases from neighbouring WAPA countries) to make tool blanks (for rail punching devices).

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I just got the info that there is also one more hs, interestingly made by factory #21:
12h: 21
3h: S
6h: 54
Interesting they switched the position of the “S” to 3h.

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Anybody still having access to Woodin Lab. to check with maybe?

Here are two from the Lab. Both headstamps are:

12h: 23
6h: 53 (difficult to see on the left round in the photo)
9h: S

There was also a drawing of a headstamp with the same layout and factory but with a date of 55.


Chip, thanks a lot!!!
This is very valuable info as in particular the spotter load is pointing much to air force use! This is good as by now I was not able to even get a positive info that these are in fact intended ShKAS loads.
And these 2 are the first I see loaded with actual projectiles and both luckily being “special loads”.

In my first post I only saw now that I gave the year as “63” which was a typo of course (should stop using my thumbs for typing). Corrected it back to “53” as originally intended.