Hungarian Code 7


Doe anyone knows who used code 7? It is indicated as the manufacturer in belted lots of Hungarian 7.62x54 R ammunition. This is likely a workshop located in a military facility in which the cartridges were belted, but don’t know which one.

Edit: According to one source, after 1989 code 7 was assigned to the Izsák ammunition depot, but according to another source they used code 10 sometime before this date. The boxes I saw date from 1971 and 1982.

Forget it, I just found that the correct code for Izsák after WW2 and after 1989 is always “7”.


Fede, I also have #7 listed as “Military Ammunition Refurbishing and Maintenance Facility Izsák”.


Code 7 was also used by Vypmel, founded in Amursk, Khabarovsk Territory,
which I guess is in Russia. I have that code on a 9 mm Makarov round, dated
"99". It is a dummy I got from a factory representative, after kind of making
friends with him, at a SHOT Show in Las Vegas. There is no primer, and it
has one hole in the side of the CWS case. It is the only “7” coded Makarov
type I have seen, and I believe they are fairly scarce, at least in the West.
I actually had a few of them, and gave them to some collector friends.

John Moss


Vympel headstamp shown.
I have never seen a code 7 on ammunition Headstamps for a Hungarian manufacturer.


Hungary used the #7 only in packing material and color markings as they were only refurbishing ammo.
So no Hungarian #7 shall be observed on any headstamps.


EOD - Excellent clarification. Thank you.

John Moss