Hungarian M. 36 & M. 39 Flares and Flare Launching Blanks, Seeking Information

While searching other cartridge related forums I came across several brief discussions concerning Hungarian M. 36 and M. 39 rifle launched flares from WW2. The information shown below is from the following links:

26 мм сигнальные и прочие патроны | Страница 18 |
Венгры | Страница 7 |

WT Live // Images by Hebime
"During WW2 Hungary used not only flare pistols but also signal flares which could be fired from the barrel of a rifle. There were two types of rifle flares in the war, the round 36.M flare and the cylinder-shaped 39.M flare . Both had red, white and green colored versions. To be able to tell one from the other in the dark they had signals on them. In the case of the 36.M flare the signal was on the neck. The red flare didn’t have any signals, the white one had a V-shaped cut, and the green one had a W-shaped cut. In the case of the 39.M flare the signal was on the top. No signal meant red, a convex line meant white and a convex X meant green.

On drills the Hungarian soldiers used cartridges with wood projectiles but in war time live cartridge was used. With live cartridge the flares flew higher. There are documents which prove that the Finnish Army used these Hungarian flares even in 1944 which means that Hungary supplied rifle flares to Finland."

M. 36 flare-
Hungarian M. 36. a
Hungarian M. 36. b

M. 36 & M. 39 flares-
Hungarian M.36 & M. 39 flares

M. 36-
Hungarian M. 36

M. 39-
Hungarian M. 39

Can anyone provide additional information/photos concerning these Hungarian flares?



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