Hungarian shotshell manufacturer(s) post 1945?

By now I have only observed Hungarian shotshells with headstamps saying “Made in Hungary”.

Does anybody know more about Hungarian shotshell factories or has any details on them?
Unfortunately I have never seen a box for Hungarian shotshells. Do these maybe contain any more info? Anybody here who has one?

Alex, those shotshells were made by Nitrokémia, which is the company that in 1990 became NIKE-Fiocchi and since 2010 is named Haltech. As a start, doing a web search using those names may give you more information on this subject. Regards, Fede.

The only one I can think of is:- Hunter
However they are head stamped “Made in Hungary”. The ones I have all say “Hungaroxid” on the primer cap.

Sorry that is all I have.


Fede and Mike, thanks! I am on the track of these already and have to figure all the details.


I think you will like this one.

And these are the other ones I have from Hungary. There are more but with different colors I did not want to show them all.

Are there others known??

regards rené

René, I was shown these recently and they had all the said hs “Made in Hungary”.

René and Alex, nice shotshells, thanks for sharing. The “Frommer” is pre-1945 and was made in France (it can be found with different raised letters), and the rest was made by Nitrokémia. The word “Hunor” and the mounted archer refers to the prince bearing that name mentioned in a popular Hungarian legend.

Fede, thanks for pointing out the background of the Frommer round!