Hungary 7.62x54R incuse and raised headstamps


Was it normal procedure for Hungary to have both incuse and raised headstamps on 7.62x54R mm ammunition during the same year?

I bought 500 rounds of loose heavy ball in an ammo can for shooting and one round had an incuse headstamp, the other 499 were raised. The headstamp is 21 51.



This is the first time when I see an incuse headstamp from 1951. In Bakony Művek they used incused headstamp for 7.62x54R caliber from the 80’S.



If you go to this web page and click on Hungary you will see both head stamps that Phil is referring to. The heavy ball has with the incused h/s and the raised h/s has the standard ball. Maybe they used different case to help in identification or maybe one got mixed in by mistake.


Well spotted, I doubt many people would even have noticed. I suppose you kept it.