Hunt (Internet-Phone Auction)

I don’t think this is a “buy & sell” listing

and this auction ends Wednesday July 22 @ 10PM ET (USA)

I work in the sports world and I receive a lot of sport collectible auction catalogs (20 or more a year)

This one caught my eye and would be of interest to Forum members as there are over 100 lots (91-200 & 1106-1140) of late 19th & early 20th century “ammo” pins; advertising; post cards, ? first day covers; hunting etc., items that I do not collect; but know many of you chase.

Go to the link…view the lots…maybe there some “gold in them hills”!

PS…I have done business with them; they are a reliable company


Curiosity has me.

Is there anything “good” in the offerings ?

I used to collect the pin backs but as soon as the interest increased, prices started to climb, so did the fakes.