Hunt or Volcanic "rocket" ammunition


Does anyone have photos of sectioned examples of Hunt Rocketball or Volcanic type ammunition?

I may be giving a talk sometime on Gyrojets and would like to mention these early predecessors and show examples of what their cartridges look like.

I know we have drawings in the “Glossary” in the Guide to Ammunition Collecting on the main IAA site, but was looking for actual sectioned examples.



It’s not a picture of an actual sectioned Rocket Ball as you desire, but there is also a sectioned drawing of one in Herschel Logan’s book “Cartridges.” It’s in my opinion better than the one shown in in the glossary.

Back in my foolish youth I actually traded into a Volcanic pistol. Not attaching any special value to it at the time, I traded it off for something else not worth nearly as much. I never had any ammunition for it.