Hunting for M855A1

Is this cartridge as rare as it seems? I’ve seen neither hide nor hair of it anywhere online. I realize it won’t be available in quantity yet, but I figured I might be able to find a few collectible singles. No such luck, so far.

Here is a sale … ds-m855a1-

I used to help administrate in the past when I had more time,and had seen a few sales here and there, but I have not been seeing it posted for sale lately in the last few months.


I just searched our database for past M855A1 deals at and came up empty. Maybe I am going goofy, but I would swear I remember seeing at least one posting or more in the past. I do know I bought a box with some other items. I kept one round and I gave the rest of the rounds and box to a local collector. Don’t ask, he is out of the collecting realm, for how long I do not know. Cannot be contacted for now either.

I think I bought it from SG Ammo. I can ask the owner on Monday, as he sponsors the site I used to help out with when i had more free time. I bought a lot of odd lots from him over time. Also items that were not advertised on his web page. Bought several hundred rounds of 7.62x54R B.32 and VS.40 along with a few BZT and ZR rounds. I traded them, but I kept a few lousy looking ones and done a bit of testing on private property. Results were not impressive except for the ZR. I think the powder was severely degraded in the others for proper velocity. Did not chronograph, juts a informal plinking day.

let me look on my friends list that I gave the remaining M855A1 rounds and box to. He usually put who he received from and where they obtained from.


Most interesting would be if someone fired a number of M855A1 (and if possible M855 in comparison) through a chronograph. It could help sorting myths from reality.

I cannot find but only one round I have. I had two. One with the blacked tip and one out of the box of 20 that had a chromate gold colored tip that was displayed seperate in my bookshelf… The notes I am reading from mid 2012 state who sectioned two rounds for him and who he received them from, but never cataloged the box or rounds I gave him. So, so much for that.


Here are some pictures of the one round I can find.


Sounds like persistence is the key, here.

Thanks, all.

Tau, I will email you form who might have a few duplicates.