Hunt's Rocket Ball

Hello everyone,

Just a general question about the Hunt’s Rocket Ball… I have done research on this cartridge, and it sounds like an interesting specimen for my collection…

I did manage to find a photo of the Rocket Ball at

My question is: What would be the possibility of finding one of these cartridges, let alone one that is fully intact?

(I was very lucky and fortunate enough to have obtained a .31 and .41 Volcanic cartridge, and just wanted to know what the possibility of finding a surviving example of Hunt’s Rocket Ball is)

Thank you

You will find them out there, Just be patient.

There several variations; with the patent date stamped on it, and without the patent in at least 3 overall lengths.

That’s very good Pete! Thank you for that info also. I was not aware that there were 3 different overall lengths of Hunt’s Rocket Ball.

I will surly be keeping my eyes open. At least now I know that it’s possible to find an example out there!

I appreciate it fully!

Thank you again Pete!

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picked up 4 (54 cal.) the other day.

That’s awsome Dave!

Please post a photo when you get the opportunity to do so.


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