Huntsman shotshells?

Found a number of these shotshells; … sman12.htm
in a junk box in a antique store. I had never seen the brand before. This link is easier than posting pictures. Who made them and when?

Mexican, I think by Remington, or with their loading equipment.

edited to add: Bloody expensive !

Thanks Pete. I got about 12 in the box with some unmarked wood duck calls( the reason I bought the box )for $10.

Howdy Dave
Save one for me.
Here are some others. Sorry I can’t give an accurate production time, but as the loaded rounds here have pie crimps I’d guess early / md-1950’s.
The plain yellow hull on the left has an AGUILA headstamp at 0600h, plus the same “winged bird” logo shown as CWP on the three at the right, at 1200h

edited to add: I found a Huntsman, same headstamp as yours. It is a high base with three knurled cannelures / crimps, yellow ribbed-paper shell, however it too has a pie crimp.

Dave & Pete, this brand of shotshells was made by Cartuchos Deportivos de Mexico, S.A., Cuernavaca, Morelos, exclusively for the chain of Gibson’s Discount Centers of Texas. They were only advertised between 1967 and 1971, and offered also in 20 and 16 gauge.

In 1967 they also advertised a Huntsman brand .22 Long Rifle Hollow Point, but I have never seen one of these boxes.



Fede & Pete thanks for the info. Pete I will save one for you. Was this company part of or connected to Aguila? I was going to shoot them up on crows but realized I had never seen the name or logo before. Thanks again.

Cartuchos Deportivos de México was the company using the Aguila name.
The current name of the company - same factory, etc., is, I believe, Industrias Tecnos.

Dave, John is right, Cartuchos Deportivos de México was established in 1961 and the “AGUILA” trademark was registered on February 11, 1963, while the logo was registered on December 12, 1963. In 1978, this company changed its name to Industrias Tecnos, S.A. de C.V.

John & Fede,
Thank You!!