Hurricane Dorian and my cartridge collection

I’ve had calls and emails asking about Hurricane Dorian’s impact on my gun and cartridge collection. I’m relieved to report that we are very lucky that the storm’s eye is now (1:00pm Wednesday) 130 miles east of us and making just about zero impact. We’ve had some rain and a constant wind of about 20 MPH or so, but it’s really just about a normal day. So my powder’s still dry. Our home is pointed out by the white arrow.


Always good to see a fellow North Floriduhean was able to weather the weather. Turned out to be a non-event even in Avondale, no real flooding in our flood-prone hood.

Water and fire are my two biggest fears when it comes to protecting collections.

Pardon the pun here, but we dodged the bullet on that one.
I live on Merritt Island, just south of the Space Center, if the storm had come ashore as a Cat 4, as the Weather Bureau was predicting last week, the barrier islands (like where I live) would look just like Grand Bahama Island looks today.
We were damn lucky the storm went up the coast 75 miles off the coast, instead of going right up the coast as predicted over the past weekend.

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