Hurricane Gustav

To all our collector friends in the SE United States, keep safe from Gustav. And most important, move those cartridges to a dry place. ;)

We’re all praying for you.


Thanks Ray. I believe the forecasts have Gustav headed towards Texas - barring something unexpected; while I don’t wish any misfortune for anyone, the 20+ inches of rain we got here just north of Tallahassee from Fay have me hoping it continues in a westerly direction. I’m all in favor of sharing the moisture; I’ve never experienced so much rain. The old ammo stayed dry, although I had a couple of scares during Fay’s rainstorms on Saturday and Sunday where the water in the yard was high enough to get right up to the bottom of the door to my workshop where I keep my collection. Fortunately, the rain let up both times prior to any significant amount of water getting inside. I have never had the water in my yard get anywhere close to that deep before.

I’m concerned that Hanna might fool the prognosticators and pose more of a threat to our area than Gustav.

Hi Guy,
I feel for you that have to wait and see, have sat through a couple of " CYCLONES" one in the 70’s where trees with a 4 foot girth were dancing down the street, scary stuff as at that point all the cursing and complaining means little and prayers are in order,
Hope you and yours are safe and well! As the strength of some of your " HURRICANES" is significantly greater than anything I have experienced.
God willing the unpopulated areas will be hit.
And to mimic Ray’s words " keep your cartridges high and dry"
Post Script.

      With the change of weather and forecasts of more severe storms

etc. this years I am seriously considering a bunker under my house as I am not subject to flooding as although I am only less than 10 miles from the coast it is mostly uphill and the wind is the worry.
Our climate here in Rosedale is similar to Florida’s’ high humidity in summer, wet season with lots of storms, but not the powerful Hurricanes that you suffer, just an occasional cyclone.
Once again keep safe.

Thanks Terry,
We’ve hunkered down through a couple of rough hurricanes in the 24 years I’ve been here in Tallahassee. In another 6 years, I plan to move to the mountains of North Carolina and shouldn’t have to worry about high water and hurricanes any longer.

I hope Jason, his family and the menagerie are managing okay in South Florida. It appears we have a couple of more tropical storms lining up behind Hanna. This is getting ridiculous.

Thanks guys! I survived Andrew which was hardcore! I’m just bummed because their are a bunch of new storms all in a line pointed our way. Preparations for the animals can be extreme sometimes. My living room looks like Noah’s ark met Rambo. Critters and inert APFSDS stuff.

Hope you stay dry up their Guy!