Hurricane Irene & Cartridge Collections


Earlier this summer someone posted asking if a cartridge collection had ever been lost to a “Act of God” (Tornado, Flood, etc.). The conclusion was that there has not been such a lost that anyone on the Forum knew of. Let us hope that the pending Hurricane Irene does not change this. I hope all of you out there in the possible path of Irene have taken precautions to preserve your collections. Pack it in waterproof Ammo Boxes or move it to a safer location if possible. Good luck to all of you that may be affected.


Ron, I understand that Col Bob Eddy in Metairie LA had his collection go under water (and mud) during Katrina. Does anyone know how the collection fared? I don’t think Bob is on the Forum.



And what about the last earthquake that hit the east coast? Are you OK?


Lew–I do not know Col. Bob Eddy. I hope he was able to recover most of his collection. A flood with mud would be better than a tornado. At least the collection would stay in place. Boxes, Paper Patched bullets, literature, etc. would be lost, but most metallic cartridges should be able to be cleaned up and salvaged.

Pivi–The earthquake last week, while strong by U.S. East Coast standards, was not strong enough to have damaged any collections. No houses were collapsed, only some chimneys and walls cracked, etc.


If in doubt triple pack everything in zip lock bags . One bag inside another three times over and move it to the lowest part of house. Or basement if you have one. Better safe than sorry.