Hurricane members

Ok, not cartridge related but forum members related… Are our friends from flooded areas OK? Vlad?

I was right in the path, just a few miles west of Philadelphia. I lost power and it just came back on an hour or so ago. NatoDave, blast him, never lost electricity, and he’s only a half mile (mortar range!) away!

As best I can tell from the directory, we have about 8 members who are in the heart of the danger zone near the ocean around NYC where things seemed to be the worst. Those towns are:

East Northport, NY
Bronx, NY
Staten Island, NY
Jamaica (Queens) NY,
Yonkers, NY

Little Ferry NJ,

Stratford CT,
Norwalk CT

We have a few dozen members inland throughout NY, NJ, CT, PA, etc, who mostly saw some heavy rain & wind for a couple days, but not the dangerous storm surge and flooding that the 8 listed cities above might have seen.

Let’s keep those members in our thoughts and hope that they were not hit too hard. I hope that some of them will chime in here and report their status when they can. Right now, there are still a lot of folks in that area that are without power, and probably not able to use any kind of communication device.

Pivi - thank you for your concern in starting this thread, which is most certainly appropriate for this Forum by any standard.

My location now is Hilton Head Island SC, but grew up in Toms River/ Seaside Hgts. My parents still live in Toms River and do not have power from having all the transformers blowing up.(half my collection is still there) My old house in Ortley Beach was 2 blocks from the ocean and is no longer standing! Wolfgang

Thanks for your concern. I packed all my Carcano boxes and camped out on top of a local mountain for safety :). But seriously, I stuck to one collector’s “Keep your powder dry” motto, I am OK, but there is a lot of destruction around. Unfortunately, I can’t post pictures (not ammo related), but nearby a large kid trampoline (for jumping up and down) got picked up by the storm and tossed about 200 feet across a highway (major road). My son commented: “Imagine driving and being wacked sideways by a trampoline!!”

I had to go down to Trenton to man a TT mounted generator on Tuesday. The commute was interesting, to say the least. One stretch of NJ 31 between Pennington and Flemington was shut down for a till yesterday because of several trees (35" girth) blocking the road. The same for right out of Pennington before I95. Numerous large trees down or snapped causing large amounts of power outages. A lot of people in that area will be without power for a while. Keeping them all in our prayers. Bruce.