Husaren patrone.?

Any thoughts on this one?
Headstamp is WM Bischweiler.

Regards rené

Case says Kellner Bros, Vienna so possibly made for them by Walbinger,Meuschel & Co, Bischweiler.

Hi René, very nice shotshell!

The brand expressed as “zum Hussaren” -with double “s”-, “zum Husaren” and “Husaren” was used by Gebrüder Kellner since 1881, when they purchased the company owned by Gebrüder Maurer.

Ad from 1887:

Your shotshell is illustrated in this envelope dated 1923:



I love that first advert Fede, what is it about German old script that is so attractive, (maybe because that was what I was originally taught in my German classes). Very interesting advert anyway thanks for that.