HWS-III, There is hope


I meant to post this right after getting home from SLICS, but forgot until today.

I spoke with Bill Woodin at SLICS about when we might expect to see Vol. III.
He told me that the text is completely done, arrangements for publication have been made. The only hold-up is waiting for Gene Scranton to complete the drawings. Bill said he hopes to get it out next Spring or early Summer.

So, don’t give up hope. With any luck we might have Vol. III by SLICS 2011.


Great news Ron!
Like everyone else I am waiting paitently for HWS vol.3.

Where can I purchase Vol 2 ?
Even the interlibrary loans in Calgary library tells me there is no such book !
I sent them references and a photo of the cover but now they don’t answer .



Did you give them the ISBN number?



The ISBN is 0-88227-007-9


Thank you for the ISBN # .
I had given this # to that new interlibrary loan person to no avail -nuff said .
Hopefully someone here can sell me #2 or tell me where I can get a copy.

HWS-III will be quite interesting - lots of new stuff on experimental rounds.



Dean Thomas of Gettysburg PA has copies of both volumes. He is a member of the IAA & you can find his information in the membership directory (not on this site, the paper copy)
Write to him at:
P.O. Box 336
Fairfield PA 17320
He also has other books of interest to cartridge collectors.


I recently bought a copy of VOL I for my son. I found it on Amazon. It is an ex-library copy in unused condition, first printing, for a grand total of $25 including postage.