HWS vol1 revised and in print?

Saw this in another thread. When did this happen?

Dixie Gun Works has new revised copies of HWS Vol. 1 in stock: https://www.dixiegunworks.com/index/page/product/product_id/1083


If you are referring to the term REVISED vol. 1, that has been available for a number of years.

Even if being offered currently, this must be a very, very old advertisement. I says in the ad that “this turned out to be the only volume offered,” or words to that effect. Of course, as we know, there are three volumes.

John Moss

I purchased vol. 1 from Dixie Gun Works a few months ago, so it is legitimate. This was the only source I found for new copies (and for less $ than used copies from the usual used book outlets).

OK, here’s the deal. I just (Wednesday 24th, 1200 noon Eastern) spoke with a nice customer service representative at Dixie Gun Works in Union City, TN. The book, Vol. I Revised, is now out of stock except for one copy that apparently somebody put in his online cart but didn’t check out yet. After that one, no more. The guy should have bought it: The $50 price was very low in the market.

I checked Amazon.com and saw three copies of Vol. I Revised for sale at $352.00, $362.00, and $892.98. There was one copy of Vol. I (not revised) for sale at $659.00. Vol. II was listed as “unavailable.”

AbeBooks.com had similar prices, with five copies of Vol I Revised at $319.00, $442.77, $438.80, $519.83, and $880.00. The Vol. I Addendum was available at $42.00. There were four copies of Vol. II available in various conditions from “near fine” to “good+” at $125.00, $126.58, $179.88, and $300.00.

Apparently, the books do sell at those prices, if slowly. I’ve checked prices from time to time for the past nine years since I published my Gyrojet book, mainly out of curiosity, and I see them come and go.

The primary goal of the authors, Frank Hackley, Bill Woodin, and Gene Scranton was to make their information about the history of modern U.S. military small arms ammunition available to everyone interested, not to make money, which they did not. Because of that goal, I have kept the price of Vol. III as low as possible, $65. I also sell the few remaining new copies of Vol. I Revised and its Addendum and Vol. II and its Addendum at the original prices: $50 each for the books and $7.95 for the Addendums. In addition, I have the Vol. II Addendum available as a free pdf file to anyone, although many collectors prefer having an original hard copy. I’d be happy to put it here on the Forum if I can figure out how. It’s a 30-page, 9.75mb file. I’m currently working on the Vol. III Addendum, which will also be a free pdf.

As of today, I have only eight new copies of Vol. I Revised at $50 each plus shipping ($6 media mail or $16 priority mail in the U.S.), Vol I Addendums at $7.95, just three copies of Vol. II at $50 plus shipping, and Vol. II Addendums at $7.95. And you don’t have to buy a full set to get the one book you want. Once all these books are sold, I will probably make them available as ebooks or pdfs. My email is mooneypilot@att.net.


Mel - you are doing a great servicefor the hobby in your “selling” policy, as well as honoring the author’s intentions, something that was very important to Bill and company! I think Frank would agree with me completely.

I salute you, my friend! (I have all of the works, of course. I could not be without them.)



Pretty sure that one left in the cart was by me. Dixie was unclear on shipping policy/cost to Canada so I was waiting for a response that never came.

If it were not for the (to me) astronomical costs of mailing (to me) books, I would be all over buying the 3 volume set. As it stands, I encourage anyone in the US thinking about it to buy those remaining copies so that I can then buy electronic copies without the shipping!


The cost for me to send a copy of any of the books, including my Gyrojet book, to Canada is $49.60 USD for Priority mail international, flat rate medium box, which is pretty much the price of any one book except Vol. III. Two books will fit in the box at no additional charge (up to 20 pounds). See https://postcalc.usps.com/Calculator/MailServices?country=10054&ccode=CA&omil=False&dmil=False&mdt=4%2F29%2F2019&mdz=14%3A29&m=12&dvi=50

One Canadian buyer of my Gyrojet book today has a U.S. address in New York, and the Media Mail shipping to that address was $4.31 USD plus shipping materials for a price of $6.00.


I did not intend to imply that sellers are in any way inflating the shipping costs to Canada. That accusation is laid at the feet of USPS/Canada Post. It should not be cheaper to mail from NYC to Los Angeles (for example) than to mail the same thing from Detroit MI to Windsor ON. A sufficiently hefty catapult could do that job!

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Email sent - I would like a copy of the addendum to vol I. You already helped me out last year with vol’s I and II, including the vol II addendum.

Mayhem, I need your name and email.

Got my copies from Mel today. A great deal and great service. A lot of reading to do it the coming weeks.
Thanks, Bob.