HXP 89 MK211 .50, confirmation as real

Hey guys, a friend is looking to purchase some .50 MK211 and was offered some by an online supplier. I told him to be careful, as we all know they are often faked. He sent me photos of the ones offered to him and I wasn’t sure myself, so I default to those here on the forum.

What do you guys think of these?

Headstamp HXP 89
Green color sealant

The headstamp and primer sealant match known examples. Tip color code matches known examples, especially the spray painted application. NAMMO uses a spray painting application method for tip colors.

It’d take an XRay to tell for sure that they are Mk211, but the initial visual clues match.

The original lot of HXP Mk211 was actually NAMMO production using Greek cases. Unfortunately, there was an HXP lot number that had bad primers. When fired, the primer was dented, but didn’t ignite, so that lot was condemned and shipped to Talon in WV for demilling. For a brief period, those projectiles were available on the commercial market for reloading.

Thanks for the response, I thought the paint color and shape of the projectile looked right, but couldn’t find reference for the Mk211 HXP headstamp. My buddy probably wont have access to xray them unfortunately, so let’s hope they aren’t part of the bad lot.

Greek Powder & Cartridge Co. also offered their own multi purpose cartridge. This was likely done in cooperation with Raufoss, but 12 years before Nammo was established. It was introduced as a new product in 1986 and identified with a green tip only.

Fede, so do you think it is factory loaded by Raufoss?