HZP headstamp

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Just a quick one - can anyone verify for me that headstamp HZP as found on a .303 blank, is in fact Greek Powder and Cartridge Co., as I believe it to be?



Are you sure headstamp is not HXP instead of HZP. The former is a headstamp found on many calibers, including .303 ball and blank. The latter I know nothing about.

I initially thought it was HXP, but it does seem to be a Z. I dont have the cartridge in question, it was uncovered by a fellow metal detectorist, and has subsequently been disposed of. His photos were a bit out of focus but certainly look more like HZP than HXP, yet everything else points cleanly to it being of Greek manufacture

HZP doesnt appear in any of my lists or books either. It could well be HXP but the image isnt clear enough

from where does your quote line come?

“Disposed of”???
Is trash picked up in the dirt actually illegal to possess???

Yes, in certain European (and other countries) the Possession of even a Fired cartridge case (Military or otherwise) is a Jailable offence ( scrap or not).

If it was “trash/relic,” I would certainly say it was “HXP”…what country was it found in? The corrosion etc can change the Print style, especially if it was Fired in a Bren Gun ( the Ejector cuts a _ into the Case rim…if it is over the “X”, could make it look like a Part “Z”.

Doc AV

The blank in question was found by a fellow detectorist. Although he could legally here in the UK keep it,he was unsure and so I believe handed it in at the local police station. It was unfired. I have managed I hope, and after much faffing about, to get the picture of the headstamp onto here


It certainly looks like a Z to me, but then again im almost sure its HXP!!! I have sent the finder a note to see if he actually has handed it in or still has it and can make a better photo

Pete -
My quote line is a variation on the standard British Army range declaration. Its not a film quote, but comes from an actual on range ‘incident’ many years ago involving me and a mate…

From what can be seen it does look like a Z, but on my screen anyway, the quality of the photo is too poor for any conclusion to be drawn from it.

In the 1980’s army cadets here in the UK used .303" ball & blank made by the Greek Powder & Cartridge Co. These were designated L11A1 and L10A1 respectively and were typically headstamped ‘HXP 82’ or ‘HXP 83’. I’d guess this was picked up on an area used for training by cadets.