I am new here

My name is Tony Albanese, I am 53 and started collecting since I was 13 years old, my mother would go to gun stores with me so I could buy single cartridges. The collection has been sitting in a box for most of this time until I went to my first gun show here in Las Vegas.

I was in a very bad airplane accident in Sept. 2004 that left me in a wheelchair. You can see my story and the crash on you tube, just type my name, Tony Albanese to see. I now live in Las Vegas with my wife.

I am looking for a way to display the bullets I have and continue to buy, looking forward to meeting some new friends.


Welcome to the IAA Forum Tony!

Hi Tony

A welcome from Germany.


Welcome aboard

All methods have there pro’s and con’s
Open shelves (see photos) look nice, but can suffer from “cartridge dominoes” when you re-arrange your display or if the walls shake. You can use “retired” printing trays or build your own

“Display boards” hold cartridges secure and display well, but don’t lend themselves to adding new cartridges.

Most of us use former drafting/map cabinets (they have a number of shallow drawers" which can often be obtained free or at a low cost (not many places use them anymore)

I have also seen them displayed in a piece of furniture (end or coffee table), with a glass top over the cartridges

Printing tray type (these used to hold the typeface at printing companies/news papers)

Homemade shelf

A smaller drawer type display (this one is a sales display at SLICS)

Hi Tony and a warm welcome from a sunny Norfolk, England!

Welcome Tony. I welcome you as the President of the IAA and as a Physical Therapist, I appreciate your trials and tribulations with the daily life we all take for granted.

I hope you do meet some new friends and that our world wide circle gives you some pleasure. If the lead print type storage drawers (I know them as California job cases) intrigue you (if you have some wall space for a couple) drop me an e-mail. I will see you get a couple.

Please send me your address (if you chose) as an anonymous donor wants to see you have a year of IAA membership ASAP (both print and e-journal). You will find “our gang” to be a pretty good bunch.

(PS…I did some reading about you and I too am a Chevy guy and can appreciate a nice 4 speed Muncie tranny).

You will find many likeminded folks and several aviation buffs as well.


Hi Tony, welcome.

I think that one of the best way to display cartridges is the one used by Will Reuter and pictures in one of the past threads.

Will post a link if I will be able to find it

Here it is


Welcome to our little forum Tony. A very good, and nice, bunch of folks and there is more knowledge here on ordnance subjects than you could fill 1 head with!

Welcome big time, Tony, from MIAMI! The IAA and its members are great and we are fired up to have you as a member. Looking forward to the day you start posting photos of your collection. More then anything, I am just happy you are still with us after such a horrific accident. Thank G-D!


You must be a lucky man! Aircraft accident stories are usually told about by relatives not participants. Good luck !

Tell us about your collection.


Welcome to the forum Tony! I started when I found my first fired case in a field in Wyoming. That was 50 years ago. This is a great place to be.

Here are some of my displays.




welcome here and respect to you for everything that you have endured. I am in London so I don’t get to the States very often.
cartridge collecting is good, it may seem geeky to those on the outside but there are many avenues you can immerse yourself in.

I googled up your accident and it sure was a bitch. I can relate to that in a different way. For me it was motorcycles and the fact I am (we are) still here is a bonus. I do bear the scars but nowhere near as badly as you.

In this world, ie cartridge collecting, you really are among friends and I look forward to hearing from you again

Take care buddy and I hope to talk again soon


Welcome aboard Tony, greetings from Argentina !!!.
Bienvenido Amigo !!!.