I am trying to identify a brass shell case that I have


Can anyone help me please?


Sorry, I should have mentioned the brass case is 15.7 cms in length and 4.5 cms diam where the ‘projectile’ fits into the shell.
It has the following stamped on the bottom ‘1943’ ‘Lot J89’ ‘S&S’ ‘2 PR No 1’


Images sure would help but your case is for a 40mm 2pdr Vickers AA gun.
I think it is British made or at least in the Commonwealth.


Thank you for your prompt reply
I will take some phots and post them


Here are the pictures for shell identification, thank you.






Yes, the ID remains. As for the manufacturer the experts likely will tell.

Here some images:


Just found this on the internet. The manufacturer is ‘S&S’ which is believed to be Sidney Silversmiths of Sheffield.


Can you tell me if the shell had been fired from the photos


Your case was somewhen converted into a vase for flowers.

Means the priming screw was replaces by a copper plug to seal off the threaded section.
Also the case neck got essentially widened and a bit trumpet shaped. Very typical for such items.

Originally a case with it’s priming scre looks like this one here (a fired specimen):


“S & S” is the monogram of Silver & Steelcraft Ltd., also known as Deakins (Silversmiths) of Sidney Works, Matilda Street, Sheffield.


I assume you are in the UK?

These 2 Pounder cases converted to vases with the copper plug seem to be quite common here with this headstamp.