I aquired some old 30.06

This one has got me stumped;
I found among some old 30.06 some U.S.C. CO. (Top)
IA or 1A (bottom)
I pulled the bullets out of three and found a heavy bullet, maybe 200 grain in my estimation and NO powder in the case.

What is this? Anyone have any info?

hi Armsmonkey…cant see the pic!..paul

please look again at the bottom part of the headstamp as what you have written makes no sense.

Also if 200 gr bullets & no powder likely bullets that found their way into a empty case, because some folks feel the need to make something complete, right or wrong. just like filling a Winchester box with Remington cartridges

The IA is most likely 14 or 19 for the date I think as that is how these 30-06’s were marked for WW1. Maybe scratched or damaged making it hard to read?

I’m almost certain these read IA at the bottom, I have 9 or 10 of these, none scratched, (some tarnished around projectile and top of case) markings clear, 5 on a stripper clip. All the same projectiles, all are empty, no powder. Heavy - deep defined primer crimps. I will check exact weight of projectiles.

could you possibly post pictures that would be a great help.


I’ll try and upload a pic.

How do I upload pics

Email sent.