I attended a local gun show... and Man, do I have good friends!

First picture:
Everything I bought, and yes, I am SURE I paid much too much for the big empty wood box, but I WANTED it… badly.
Ammo crates and RedHeads are my Kryptonite.

Second picture:
Man, do I have some good friends! This was all free, and yes, the big cardboard box is empty, and the medium size cardboard box is just the top, but yes, they are cool!
It is going to take me… uhm… st least a while… to go throught them for specifics.

Lastly, I thought some of you might be interested in what the penetrator from a .50 BMG looks like… these have been used as a center punch, I got them both out of a tool box!


Nice haul Jack - I need an introduction to your friends!

Isn’t the projectile on the right in the last photo a Hornady A-MAX round?

Nope, I am keeping my friends close, and secret!
Of course, I am not sure how much they are “friends” as much as they they are “enablers”…

I an not sure what the bullet is, like I said, they came out of a tool box. It is, however, non-magnetic, it does have a plain base, and the tip is blunted from using as a center punch, so you may be right.

Hornady 750gr A-Max on the right. Won’t make a good center punch as the tip is aluminum

Well, it must have worked O.K. for a while… otherwise it would not have still been in his tool box.

The L31A1 blanks were a Austrian (Hirtenberger) contract to the UK in 1991.

Everything in the first picture I know, (the blanks are a ‘four-point’ crimp), and the full boxes in the second I know, except for these two:
What is the country of origin for the 16 rounds of 7.62x25, (on left just below the German stripper clips)

What are the meanings of the dates on the 16 rounds of 9mm, (just above the stripper clips), with dates of 1942, 1944 twice, and 1945, HS:

And, for the big box, I managed to repair the top-bottom-sides, but how is the strap supposed to go, and where does the buckle end up?

I will show various HS soon, and thanks!

Furst, (because someone asked), here is the HS on the threee rounds I presume to be 7.62x54R, but I cannot find my digital calipers…
The projectile might be coated aluminum, or hard plastic???
Weight 221.7 grains.

Egyptian 7.62x54R blank with a black (if I saw it right) plastic projectile.

These two I presume are 6.5 Japanese [Carcano?], one pointed, one H.P. Found calipers, 50.6mm case x 6.67mm bullet:

And beginning with the mass of 7mm, some intresting, to me at least, HS:

The Rimmed ammo:
.30-40 U.S. Krag, Frankford Arsenalm 10 06!

.303 British:

And last- for tonight- one 8x57:

… and two Not 8x57?:
Case 53.36mm x 7.95mm
Case 53.22 x 7.98mm

… and last, two Frankford Arsenal .30 U.S. Gov’t 1906, dated 1928 & 1936:

Here is a not-cartridge odity for the S&W collector…