I.d. headstamp I.A.C

I have a 7,5x55 Swiss cartridge with headstamp I.A.C. SWISS I can not i.d. the headstamp I.A.C.
who can help.
possible made in Canada??

This was made by DWM for Inter arms company, founded by Samuel Cummings.

Some historical notes here:


Thanks Pivi great info…

Harry, this cartridge was made for International Arms Corporation (Delaware Corp.) in Alexandria, Virginia and was packed in “Interarms” brand boxes where its loading is listed as “180 grain Soft Point Semi Pointed”. The “Interarms” trademark was used since May 1967 and superseded the earlier “Interarmco” trademark. An specimen of the “7.5 Swiss” box for this cartridge was even used as a trademark sample and was received by the registration office on August 21, 1967.

Pivi, I don’t have documentation but I believe that these cartridges were a special run made by Norma in Sweden.

Made by Svenska Metallverken, Sweden who bought Norma in 1965.

Curtis, thanks. Can you point me to the source of this information? I should have noticed that Norma didn’t mention this caliber until late 1970.

Hi Fede
I no longer have it, but it was on a Box of cartridges. Stated made by “Svenska” …I wish I still had a pic. I will look though my files to see, but sold this box a few years back.

Curtis, now I’m really curious about that particular box, I have pictures of an Interarms box for these cartridges but its manufacturer is not indicated. I also have pictures of an earlier 7.5x55 box labeled “Interarmco” but don’t know what was inside.

Hi Fede
Yes it was one box only and it was blue ink stamped and I believe it was on the inside end flap if I remember correctly.