I.D. help 12,7mm (.50) headstamp


I need some help to I.D. this headstamp
AL IV 66 .50



Here is a shot in the dark… I have been looking through my books… I found that “AL” may be the following:

AL - Unknown, Montereau, France
AL - Aladazabal Leturiondo y Ca, Eibar, Spain

or another possibility…

AL - Angkatan Laut (Indonesian Naval Service Mark)


The meaning of this headstamp is still considered unknown. It is not unlike to the one used in same era by Artillerie Inrichtingen, Zaandam, Netherlands.

According to Ron’s book some of these headstamped .50 AL III 64 were found in Lebanon in 1982.


Nothing to see with the possible maker, but, just a guess…why not A L = Arméee Libanaise ?

If it was found in Lebanon, the official lingages are french and arabian…but with all the factions fighting at the time overthere (and still going on…) this is just a a guess, but, after all, why not ?



Phil these cartridge case’s were find in the UK .

I found this info AL = Air Liquide , Montereau

is it possible that this is the factory.