I.D help Czech 7,62x39


I need help with this 7,62x39 cartridge I know it’s from Czechoslowakije but what is the purpose of this cartridge?


Umm, making me drool?


are you sure it is from Czechoslovakia? it has a headstamp from Finland.


Odd sabot, and HP? bullet. Looks too long to cycle in an auto-rifle. Appears to be well-made, yes in Finland.


I have seen one very similar to this about a year or two ago. It also had a Finnish headstamp and was the product of a Lab that does research work for the Czech Military. I have seen a number of exotic 7.62x39mm rounds out of this facility and most, perhaps all were loaded with Finnish brass.




Lew, did you feel that the exotics you saw were actually the products of military research, or were they also made with the “wow factor” in mind?


The ones I saw were leftovers from research projects. I have no indication any of this stuff was made up. None were terribly expensive.




Good to know!
Any Tokarev projects???


No idea if they are or have worked 7.62 Tokarev!

Few if any of us have any insight into the kind of things that go on constantely in these labs. for a few years in the late 1970s I had some insight into the Armanent Lab at Eglin AFB and there was a truly amazing range of projects going on, with most development being done by contractors who probably produced 10 or 20 variations for each one they showed the AF engineers at Eglin. There was also internal projects where an AF engineer had the shops produce items, sometimes single items and sometimes 10 or 20 or perhaps a hundred. I still have a drawing of a titanium 9mm bullet that was produced and tested down at Eglin in the mid 1970s, but I never could find out who the engineer was or why it was done, well before the AF got interested in the 9mm. When we talk about the world of ammo R&D, our collector view is through a very thin soda straw. The vast majority we never see or hear about.