I.D. please 9x19

please help to I.D. this one

Czechoslovakia 1950, most likely Zbroyovka Brno, a bullet most likely 124 grains / 8 grams)
John Moss will come more accurately)

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Some additional information to go with the information provided by AZOV2014 in his post above.

Czech 9x19mm Headstamp Symbols

Czech 9x19mm Headstamp Symbols

Information below is from the Forum thread Czech 9mm headstamp collection

quote="DKConfiguration, post:15, topic:13902
Here is the other headstamp check list I had from another collector. The key at the top image explains the case metal, and bullet type columns, and each headstamp image on the left depicts a style of headstamp with all known dates to the right in the chart. The green X’s are ones that collector is looking for, and the blue dates are ones that he has. Only the known lot-number squares are colored in either blue or green within the spaces for all 12 lots. I count roughly 130 variations that exist if I include the oma and ndn headstamps which are not shown in this list. I think that the column labelled “cap” is referring to the primer type, whereas almost all of them are brass colored, and only a couple are labelled as “Zn” which are zinc-colored.

Gyrojet’s headstamp photo from above, rotated 180 deg.








Thank you …

There is no way I could improve on the posting by Brian. Great stuff. There are two headstamps on that list that I have never even heard of before, and I have a fairly good Czech/Slovak 9 mm collection.

Thanks Brian! Also thanks to the Czech group that published some of that.

John Moss