I D required

DWM rimless
rim .471 / 11.97
case length 2.305 / 58.5
body .465 / 11.88
neck .282 / 7.2
bullet .256 / 6.5
head stamp DWM XXK
Many thanks .Tony

Would you mind granting us images of the cartridge and the headstamp?

if it has the DWM K headstamp, it may be, the Cartridge Nr,517

517 Pürschbüchse Kal. 6,5mm „Angier“ 6,65 12,00 58,70 M./92H 305
517A Pürschbüchse Kal. 6,5mm „Angier“ 6,65 12,10 58,70 M./92H 305H

But it may also be just the normal 6,5x58 Portugese…
But I tend more, for the Angier-Cartridge, which I always have found only in the US (in my days I was there…)

A picture of the cartridge and the base would help…

Hi. So sorry for the delay.

DWM cartridge 2

Its the cartridge with the bulletnumber 305H, from the DWM Bullet-Catalogue, and was marked for Angier, Paris…
But the whole entry in the bullet book is crossed out, and marked “not valid”…
But as I said, I found several of them over the years in the US, but could never find an explanation, why this Cartrdige has never shown up with a number, or a "better History, or Story for that caliber)…Who or what was Angier, Paris?
The ammo itself is quiet scarce, at least, as I found only a few of them in 25 years…

In fact, the bullets out of the row 305 (305, 305A till 305F) where used in german trials by Centralstelle Babelsberg on 6,5x55 swedish cases (431, 502 a.s.o.) and are also marked as obsolete, and are also crossed out in the Bulletbook…

If someone has more info, I am interested to hear…

Forensic thanks for your time and information.
regards Tony.

Forensic, can you tell me the actual bullet diameter, weight and any thing on the bullet shape.thanks Tony