I found this bullet on Yakima Firing Range

Hi guys, didn’t want to start a new thread and get poo-poo’d (first post), so tacking on here :-). I found this bullet on Yakima Firing Range (Army) in Yakima, Washington a number of years ago (shown with a .45 caliber pistol round for size comparison). Looks a lot like a miniature recreation of the 155mm artillery rounds I shot back then :-). Always assumed it was from an M-60, but just measured and it is not a .30-cal. Its diameter is 10.4 mm (0.426 in.) its length is 46.66 (1.837 in.) and it IS magnetic. It weighs 25 g (0.9 oz). I might see a USA on the base, but not positive. Did some looking and can’t figure out what this was fired from. Ideas?

i think is an AP core from a .50 cal bullet (cartridge: .50 BMG or 12.7x99)


Yes, it’s one of the most confusing and mis-identified bits out there.


Ah, very cool, thank you. Assuming AP = Armor Piercing. Is this then encased in a thin copper shell, or what material?

yes AP armor piercing
and yes the core is encapsuled in various material because the core cannot be direct contact with the barrel rifling because the usure would be very quickly

but some AP round had the “core” directly in contact with rifling (in reallity the core itself is the projectile (ex 9mm NATIONAL AP)

Many thanks for the info guys, much appreciated!