I Got Lucky Today!

I stopped by a friends house today, and he asks me, “Do you know anyone who might want some old ammo?”
Well, Duh!
This is most of it, most of the boxes are full, and I need to sort them out and compare with what I have before I do anything with the rest!
The brass shell has a headstamo so light I cannot even feel it with a fingernail, much less read it clearly! In the first image, top right, is a full box of 9mm Rimfire Shotshells.
Sorry for the image quality, I used my cell phone…


Hi Lucky!
What is in the upper right and lower left boxes?


Also the LOTNO P48 box.
Thanks, Dan

Upper right: Fourty-nine rounds of Norinco 9x18 Makarov,
Lower lfeft: J. C. Higgens marked 1 oz rifled slug,2 rounds, with a small star stamped into the slug. The box end states:
Lot No P48: A sealed Federal [I think] 9mm military ball, 50 rounds [I think], originally packed 10 box to a case [I think], if memory serves [questionable]. I did not want to open the seal…

I don’t have a camera available at the moment to post other images- everything has dead batteries. Very bad, for a photographer!

Uh, and I forgot to mention the box full of .32-20 once fired brass, (looks like about 360~400 casings), and a BUNCH of fireworks: M-70s’, firecrackers, bottle rockets, ‘whistle-smokers’, (that you attach to the spark plug wires on the car of the guy you really do not like), and something that might be either cherry bombs or smoke.

Thanks Jack,
A lot of nice stuff!


Thanks you.
I just found 6 rounds loaded of S&W branded .30-30 Winchester in a 10 pack plastic blister pack. It was burried in the box of .32-20 brass…