I hate photobucket

Trying to upload pictures with photobucket, when I log to my account, the page is dark up the text and I can only click on the right on a button “feedback”!! Is somebody have the same problem?

I can log in and upload without any problems, but I just don’t like the new format at all. I understand one can go back to the old style, but I can’t see how that is done.


If you can’t go back contact customer support. They told me that if you deleted all the cookies and history on your internet files, and then logged in to photobucket, it would automatically put you back in the old system. I didn’t want to go through the trouble of redoing all the sites I visit so a customer service rep named “Ben” went in and did his magic and the next time I logged in I was in the old system.

I had tried the link to convert back, but it wasn’t working for me. The link didn’t go anywhere!