I have 6.5 x53R questions

Hi, I have close to 1000 rounds of a 6.5 x53R packaged in cardboard boxes, with waxed paper between each row, 42 per box. Is anyone familiar with these rounds? I have been trying to find more info about the value of them.

The boxes say 42 P.6.5 mm F.N. - 36 P.S.M. 55-1R KL. 111 2 Aug.1955 On the rimm it says 36 22 2C and a letter mM all 90 degrees apart.

I bought them about 35 years ago, as my dad gave me a carbine that he got when in WW11 in Germany that used 6.5 x53R ammo. I had a difficult time finding them, so when I did I bought a large amount. I shot a few, but will probably just hold onto the gun as a keepsake.

As for my questions, are they of much value? Are they at all rare? How/where would I go to sell them? I am in Upstate NY. Is there a way to ship them around the US, if I were to find buyers? Any guidence will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help John

John: There was a recent thread here on the 6.5 x 53 R Dutch cartridge (search under that phrase) which will answer most of your questions, except perhaps the question of value and disposition. About all I can add here is to say that the packaging is Indonesian postwar repack of older cartridges produced before World War Two for the Dutch East Indies armed forces. Quite a bit of this ammo was imported into the U.S. in the 1960s and its value is rather modest. JG