I have a 350 heavy express rifle. Like to get cartridge diamenstion. Info where to get reloding dies. Where can t get empty or loaded cartridge

I don’t have a dimensioned drawing, but do have this copied from the heavyexpress.com website many years ago:

The HE MAG line of Magnum Cartridges are also based upon the .348
Winchester casing with the rim removed and blown-out to Improved dimensions with a 40 degree shoulder angle. HE MAG cases come in 2.25 inch lengths for Standard Action rifles in Calibers .338, .350, .375, .416 and .460.

HE MAG cases have .530 rim diameter, .545 base diameter, and a .515 shoulder diameter making these minimum body taper cases the most efficient case design in production today. The only exception to these case dimensions is the .460, which has a .526 shoulder diameter with a 45 degree shoulder angle. Cases are commercially manufactured for Heavy Express, Inc. by MAST Technology, Inc. of Las Vegas, Nevada. Heavy Express Custom reloading dies are manufactured by Hornady Manufacturing Company, Grand Island, Nebraska.

As far as I know, MAST is long gone, but Hornady might still be willing to make you a set of dies. While they would be a little short, Winchester Short Magnum cases could probably be made to work without a whole lot of trouble.

As far as I know, MAST is long gone

Do you mean this one? http://masttechnology.com

Thanks. I am looking for the he 35 mag cartrige so I can get brass and dies made.

Krish: Are you still looking for help with 350 Heavy Express brass???

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Krish: Is your rifle a short action or standard action???


Take a chamber casting and give us the dimensions. Or send them to CH4D and have them make you dies.
They don’t list a 350 Heavy Express so they would be custom dies.

Yes. I am still looking for help. The chamber fits the full length 348 ackley improved brass. I assume it is full length. Talked to Hornady and they said there are two types. Taljed to quality cartridge co. They want minimum order of 2000 pieces of brass at the rate of $2.0. The magazine fits 270 bullet.

Check RCC brass. Min order of 20 but have set up fee of 250

Solution I used for 338 HEMAG by Jim Busha… I bought 100 348 brass and had the rim machined off, a extractor groove cut in and then fire formed… Same solution that Jim used as he was testing and developing the concept… send me your email and we can discuss more detail… I could even provide you one factory case so you would have an example to give the machine shop to copy at the head/back end… Then after you dire form … you can send 3 fire formed cases to Redding and they can make your reloading dies based upon the fire formed cases…

Dhuruvank@gmail.com. thank you for the info. Nosler 33 has seem good chice. But too much work to form it. Dkrishnamurthy

My email is dhuruvank@gmail.com.

Sir: Do you have reloading data for your HEMAG??? I have a reloading manuel from Jim Busha that I can copy and send you if you would like…???

No i dont have any info. I sure will appriciate the data. Thanks. Dkrishnamurthy

Sir: Send me your address and I will make a copy of the manuel and send it to you. The reloading manuel has case drawings and measurements any competent machinist could follow, or I could send a SHEMAG case so you could see what the back end of the case looks like… it is a " " Short Magnum" Version of the HEMAG… It would give you something to pass to a machinist to follow when replicating the back end of the case… I used 348 Winchester cases… It worked for me… I must stress to work up loads slowly so you don’t have pressure issues… For the HEMAG, Busha recommended reducing the recommended loads by 10% and then work up slowly. I followed his advice and never had a problem.

For getting dies… Contact Hornady… They made my 338 HEMAG Dies that came with my rifle… and I understand they made all of the dies for Jim Busha and the HEMAG/SHEMAG Rifles. They should be able to generate you a set of custom dies based on drawings from the 1990’s…

The Montana Rifleman did much of the “Gunsmithing” as I understand and MAST Technologies made the cases… Both are long since gone as is Jim Busha…

Hope this has helped… Let me know if I can help with other info…


Tony, the Mast tech company you referenced is a military munitions supplier, the only commercial ammo they ever made, to the best of my memory, is the .300 Blackout.

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I tried earlier the mail didnt go through. What is your email adress. Mine is dhuruvank@gmail.com.