I have no idea...need help

These two came along with a box of mixed cartridges without any information. Can someone some help with identification? On the right .22 lr for comparison.


it is a teargas cartridge (lacrimae cartridge). they come with different color sealings to denote different loadings. I have one with red sealant. My PC just broke down so I can’t give you more details right now but I am sure others can.


For the Wadie pistol. Here are four boxes of different loadings, even perfume & some used brass cases.

May someone expand on the usage of perfume ammo? Any sudden foul smell which actually requires shooting “good” smell around? Does it come in Chanel No.5?

Vlad, you have it right, replacing an unpleasant smell. No idea how these smell.

Not aware of a Chanel No. 5 ‘flavor’ but then, these might have been before her.

Thanks for the info, there is a lot knowledge in this forum.