I hope not an IAA member

An US citizen became a fine of €750, 00 ($825, 00) when he tries to take home some items he found with a metal detector in Germany.
The customs in the Netherlands did not like that at all.
He explained that he is an ammunition collector and all items were empty. They did not care.
After paying the fine he could fly the next day home. The items will be destroyed.



Still better than the US tourist I met in Laos which visited the former communist headquarters (located in our city during war time).
There he had found a fired LIVE 20mm HE projectile (US manufacture for a 20x110 MK12 I think) and was going to take it back to the US after wanting to cross some more countries in SEA before.
After I told him what it was he did not want to touch it any more and asked me to dispose of it. :-)


What a dumb “you know what” no matter who it was. You’re just asking for it when you get on a plane with these items. In my last assignment in the UAE they would throw you in jail for a week just for having a piece of brass

We discussed this a couple of years ago during an evening presentation at SLICS. The quantities of these materials being dug in the WWI and WWII theaters and collected or sold as souvenirs or collectibles is beyond the comprehension of most folks in the US.
Strictly against the law in nearly every country, the practice is still common, leading the uninitiated tourist to think that it is acceptable and safe. Items are intercepted every day at the borders and airports, but even if the capture rate is 999 out of a thousand, at the rate attempts are made items trickle through. In the US you go through Customs and have your bags re-screened at your point of arrival (not necessarily your destination) and this re-screening catches many as well. Not better technology, just one more check. No matter how good a technology or team is, there will always be a failure rate.
I remember while demining in Bosnia in 1996 the UN MAG rep and I were discussing (arguing) the clearance standards required. My argument was that they were baseless and meant nothing (99.6 success rate required). When he disagreed I responded that we had now pulled over 1000 mines, so we can skip the next 4? You do the best you can, every time you go out, metrics be damned.

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