I made this dingbat

Well, I was bored, and I needed something to occupy me, so I made this dingbat out of a .223 case, .209 primer, .22 pellet, and a bit of clay. I call it… the .22 Flyswatter. If any of you want pics, PM me and I will email them to you.

You should post a picture for the community to see… Even though wildcats are not my area of interest, it would be interesting to see anyways.


Sorry to tell you this but: Take a look at the “Convert-a-Pell” web site.
They have been doing this for more than 25 years.
So maybe before you post a lot of pics… There could be a patent issue.

They’ll sue him for posting pictures of a joke “round” he put together?


I wish it was ridiculous. But sorry to say here in the U.S… the land of the SUE HAPPY PEOPLE … don’t bet on it.
Better to be safe than sorry and I don’t think I’m just being paranoid

Oh no. No no no. Mine is a lot different. I don’t know how to post pics either.

Photobucket is the way to go!

Photobucket is unfortunately a poor website with lots of flash and audio advertisements. For those looking to get full-size images and save them when multiple tabs are open, it can be slow to load.

The image hosting site I would recommend would be Imgur. While the site is also a social media site, their image hosting is excellent allowing a great deal of options. For example, Imgur supports dragging images you have just downloaded into the upload box, like so:

Another nice thing, is that screenshot software like Greenshot supports uploading directly to Imgur. I can take a screenshot with Greenshot and it will save and immediately upload to Imgur without wasting any time.

Imgur also supports the creation of galleries and albums.

Most importantly, though, Imgur doesn’t require a login, and isn’t burdened by large amounts of video and audio advertisements.

Well, here it is:
s292.photobucket.com/user/ammoco … sort=3&o=0