I Need help identifying a shell casing from around ww2

It’s 6 1/2” tall and 63.5mm across the top Found it in my great grand dads house while cleaning

Looks like a Nagoya made 65mm Mountain gun casing.
Can’t interpret the “E” , “11” or kanji script.

Maybe someone else can help.
Doc AV

Can you post a side view and rim diameter please. I cannot ID the case. Japan did not use a 65mm that I can find. Date is ten over five or Showa 11 15 (Nov 1940) Primer is 1941 date.

The case was made in Nagoya Arsenal at 1940,
primer was made in Tokyo 1st Army Arsenal at 1941

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looks like type94 37mm AT gun

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I agree with Sheng, look like a typical example of a 37 x 165 R Type 94 AT case made at Nagoya Arsenal in November 1940 (Shōwa 15.11). The primer was made at Tokyo in February 1941 (Shōwa 16.2).