I need help Identifying some antique ammo I have

I have 3 spent casings and 15 complete rounds of the following;
Spent casing measures:
id neck 10.45mm
od neck 11.0 mm
38 mm long
Goose neck at 28mm from bottom
Base dia 13.45 mm
Dia across rimfire 15.90 mm

Can anyone tell me what these are and what they are worth?
Thank you


you should copy the IMG code of the picture in the photobucket page and then post it in your comments. The images will become visible without clicking on the photobucket link

Thanks for the tip. I am new and still figuring out how everything works in this forum.

Looks like the 10.4x38 Swiss Vetterli

Yes, both the ammo and rifle pictured are 10.4x38 Swiss Vetterli.

Thanks for all the help folks.

Any idea as to what, if anything, they are worth?

Sometimes called (in the USA) the .41 Swiss. Around the turn of the 20th Century, there was a great number of Swiss Vetterli bolt action rifles in this caliber imported into the country or brought in by immigrants. The .41 Swiss was popular enough to have been loaded in the USA for a fairly long time. I think there were both rimfire and centerfire versions manufactured, but the latter were custom made for later conversions of the Vetterli rifles from rimfire to centerfire for reloading purposes, as rimfire cases cannot readily be reloaded. Yours look to be rimfire. They are not rare, but I couldn’t give a value. See more information here: swissrifles.com/vetterli/

I can’t tell from the photo, are they head stamped? Are the bullets paper patched, any markings on the box?
Depending on the headstamp they could be worth anywhere from a couple of bucks each and up to $50 or more. The box could add to the value.

In regards to head stamps, Some are marked with a U the others have a Plus sign.