I need some date help for some dug up cartridges


Hey Folks:
I’m trying to work out a date for some cartridges I excavated from an archaeological site in Alaska (ca. 1900-1909) and I am away from my books. Nothing too complicated.

  1. I need to know the date range for the “U” (stamped in not raised) on UMC and REM-UMC 22 and 22 short shells.
  2. I need to know the date range for the “H” (stamped not raised) on Winchester 22 WRF
  3. I need to know the date range for the intertwined “US” on the primer of a US Cartridge Co. 45 Colt shell.

I appreciate your time and if you have the answer could you tell me the book it came from?


Morgan Blanchard


I can’t immediately help you with the questions you ask, but it would help to date the two rimfires (both of which bear headstamps used for decades) if we knew whether they were copper or brass cases. I ask this realizing that with tarnish this would be very difficult to determine without some sort of vigorous cleaning, something you might not want to consider. Jack


Morgan–As stated by Jack, both the U and the H started to be used around 1885 and are still being used today. The .45 Colt with the intertwined US would date from about 1895 to 1920. The intertwined US indicated a smokeless powder load as opposed to black powder.

If the real question is “Are these cartridges appropriate for the 1900-1909 period?” then the answer is Yes, assuming the .22’s are copper cased. Brass cased .22’s did not come into use until late 1920’s.