I need some help on rimfire cartridges

However, I am not good with photobucket. Can anyone help?

Dimensions will help but only to certain a extent with some rimfires because their production was not uniform from company to company. Dimensions and a photo will generally result in an accurate ID.

You might try “tinypic” which is a simplified photobucket. Even I can master tinypic.

But, don’t hesitate to start a thread even if you have a limited description. We’ll all pitch in and try to help.


Carolyn, I don’t know for sure if there were blanks made for the .56-.56 Spencer (Model 1863) used during the Civil War. The Model 1865 Spencer in .56-.50 was one of the principal cavalry long arms used after the war on the western frontier until about 1870, and it is beyond likely that blank cartridges were used back then for horse training.

My second home is on one of the old Cavalry forts in Texas that was in active operation from before the Civil War until after WWII, and numerous fired blank cartridge cases (mainly in .45 and .38 LC) have been found there. I don’t remember seeing anything I recognized as being a fired blank Spencer case, however. That does not mean they weren’t used.

Photobucket is not that hard to learn, but there is a learning curve. Main thing to know after you have mastered uploading is to simply copy the Photobucket image file for your picture (starts with /IMG) and paste it in your posting.

I will have a friend upload the image shortly. Thanks for the help. I sent him dimensions of the cartridges as well as their headstamps.