I received a gift, and need a translation

I take care of Dogs for a few families.
Today one of them left a bag for me, with a note that said only “Jack, take this home”.
Inside the bag was a foreign language [Russian?] document, 13cm x 30cm, which, if anyone can translate the important parts it would be much appreciated.

Also a half box of Eley CB Caps, Solid, (no bullet weight given), a Marlin offset hammer spur, (COLLECTABLE!), Marbles cleaning stuff, and a fired aluminum casing marked:
PD FUSE CHARGE-1 M-193 LOT-20-24
with a headstamp: 14.5x51 DAG

This is a wrist watch manual from a Soviet factory “Vostok” in a city called Chistopol. I actually went there once. This city was an evacuation place during WWII for most of Soviet “intelligensia” (writers,musicians,actors,poets etc). It was deemed “safe” away from Moscow and Leningrad. Both my parents lived there (but separately, they met after the war) and I have some incredible family lore about that period of time.

Ah… in that case I do not need actually a translation, and much appreciated!