I thought this was neat - 1920's 30-06 ammo

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And those kind folks suggested I come here! This IAA site is an interesting website, kind of a neat topic.

Anyway, I found this in a box of junk a friend gave me. Kind of a neat curiosity - I toyed with the idea of shooting it, but decided not to since cleaning corrosive ammo is more of a hassle. Someone said you fellows might find it interesting. Looks like a box of 1921 30-06 shells. Some kind of underloaded practice ammo I’m guessing. Probably of unremarkable accuracy, though I’ve been surprised before. Didn’t want to break the seal and open it, so I couldn’t say what the shells look like or how headstamped.

Since I’m in the company of guru’s here, I suppose I should ask if it’s worth anything?

That is a short-range practice3 load, or Gallery Load, as the box says. The bullet is probably a short, RN lead bullet (not jacketed), I would think. The headstamp on the cartridges, if they were loaded on new brass, would be “F A 21” or, since it was loaded early in the year, possibly “F A 20.” If the cartridges were loaded on reject or previously fired cases, there could be any number of different headstamps in the box.

I would suggest not opening the box. I will never understand the fascination with full boxes (I love cartridge boxes, but prefer them with one round only, for many reasons - little or nothing is learned from a full box that can’t be learned from one with one cartridge), but in truth, many people collect them and never open them, and full boxes are much more valuable, generally speaking, than empty of partial boxes.

I do not do values, and this caliber is out of my field anyway, so I truthfully have no idea of its value.

Welcome LazyEngineer.
It’s good to see that you decided to post this here. I am the one that suggested you check out this forum over at ARFcom.
I have a number of 30-06 in my collection, but that is mainly by chance as I am not an active collector of that caliber. Hopefully someone who is will be able to tell you more about your box and give you a rough value on it.
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Go to the IAA Home Page, on the left side bar click on Intro to 30-06 Cartridges, then scroll down to Gallery/Guard/Short Range

Read all about it, and others.

DO NOT open that box. Many collectors will pay a premium for full, unopened boxes such as that one. If you want to get a single cartridge to display with it, they are available at a modest cost.

You should not try to shoot them either. They would probably be safe but it would be like spending a 1921 Silver Dollar for a Big Mac. Yikes!